An Overview Of AISM Group Diploma In Food Safety Course In Delhi

The AISM Group diploma in food safety course in Delhi offers an unbiased and brief overview of a wide range of food safety topics that has various categories like basic sciences & history that support food safety, and Foodborne diseases that include investigation & surveillance, direct and indirect adding of substance in food, chemical and microbiological agents included Foodborne hazards, Food Commodities, latest developments included Food technologies and Food safety management systems.

Why Should You Choose The AISM Group Diploma In Food Safety Course?

The AISM Group diploma in food safety course is a qualification that aims to provide quality assurance staff, management level in a manufacturing business, and managers working in a food or drink manufacturing environment. The qualification is designed for learners who are already working in the manufacturing, industry, or applying to work in the manufacturing industry, and for those aspirants whose jobs have some responsibility for food safety.

The AISM Group diploma in food safety course provides candidates the skills to assist in the HACCP system implementation, evaluation of HACCP plans, and understanding of the importance & value of the HACCP system, and employees are likely to have responsibilities to manage an operational team.

What Is Covered Under Diploma In Food Safety Course And Training

This diploma in food safety qualification covers the topics of food hygiene to a perfect extent to the learners with a thorough knowledge of controls and hazards. We are focused on providing the concept of the implementation, and the importance of developing, and monitoring food safety procedures.

The AISM Group Syllabus Of Diploma In Food Safety Course

HACCP based system & development

HACCP analysis method

Introduction to Food Safety Management

Review of food safety

Safe Food Storage Principle

HACCP based development and procedure

Occupational and personal safety and hygiene of the product

HACCP management & system of food safety

Candidates who complete and obtain the AISM Group diploma in food safety could further apply for the various opportunities in this field. The successful candidate will get a Certificate & Mark list issued from AISM Group considered one year count as an increment in your educational qualification.